How can I create embedded messages?

Last updated on 2nd April 2021

Embedded messages are beautiful message boxes with a colored line on the left of it with a lot of customizability options. There are 3 ways to create embedded messages and a lot of options to make your messages look better. Underneath you will find all the information there is on embedded messages.

Creating an embedded message
  • Embed builder
  • Embed command
  • Embed send command
Embed builder

Maki has a super useful embed builder that you can use to make simple yet really good looking embedded messages. You can simply enter some text in the text boxes and Maki will do the rest. After that you can paste a command into Discord and your embedded message will appear!

Embed command

The embed command is a very useful command that allows you to create embeds in Discord. It is the equivalent of the embed builder but inside Discord. It also has the option to add different fields to embeds. You can simply respond to the messages that Maki asks and the embed will be generated for you.

Embed send command

The embed send, just like the embed command, allows you to create embeds in Discord. It has the same options as the embed command but you don't have to follow the prompts. This makes it easier to send a new embed if you make a typo or want to send a new embed. You have to use quotation marks for every variable otherwise this command won't work. For variables that you don't want to use you can simply type "none".

Tips and tricks

You can turn text into a hyperlink by surrounding text with square brackets followed by round brackets with the url of your choice inbetween them. Here is an example: "Click [here]( to go Maki's website!".

Markdown can be used in most parts of embedded messages too. The footer is an example of a part where you can't use markdown. Using markdown can make your embedded messages look a lot more interesting.