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Yearly plan


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The key features of Maki Premium.

Bring the look of your server to the next level with custom embed colors, embedded messages, and a good looking, ad-free bot!


Discover the full potential of Maki's leveling system and unlock experience multipliers, live leaderboards, and more.

Server Protection

Protect your server against advertisement bots and raids with Maki's unique server protection to prevents raid and advertising bots!


Hold giveaways for your members with the giveaway command, featuring a custom countdown timer, completely ad-free.

Vanity URL

Get a vanity URL for your server with a color and description of your choice!


Unlock Maki's high quality music feature that supports playing music from multiple sources and playlists.


Take control over your server, move members in voice channels, manage moderations, attach proof, syncronize the moderation log, and send ban appeals.


Keep track of what is happening in your server with Maki's voice chat, invite, and emoji logs.


Check your in-game statistics of some games in Discord, unlock amazing game commands, and activate the slots command.


Check how your server is doing and how active your members are with live server statistic channels and commands.


Get a neat role in the support server, sneak peaks of updates, beta features, and early access to new commands.

And More

Unlock features like more custom commands, more reaction roles, extra perks in certain commands, ...


Compare Maki Premium to the free version.
Server management
Custom commands 10 100
Reaction role messages 10 100
Automatic roles for new users 3 5
Welcome banner customization
Detailed server statistics
Embed messages
Repeating messages 3 30
Vanity URL
Voice chat experience
Buyable roles 10 100
Custom currency name
Premium commands
Raid protection
Manage moderations
Ban appeal links
Banned words 100 500
Voice chat logs
Invite logs
Emoji logs
Sticker logs

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