Preventing server raids

Last updated on 30th July 2021

All big Discord servers get raided, the biggest ones even on a daily basis. Handling raids is difficult for your moderators and extremely annoying for your members. They are nothing but a negative impact on your server. Luckily enough Maki can prevent raids for you!

That's right, you can not only handle raids but you can also prevent them! Maki can do this with the protection feature. Maki will actively monitor new members and access them to see if they are a potential threat to your server. Please note that this is a premium feature.

Enabling protection

You can enable Maki's protection feature on the dashboard under the moderation tab. Low can handle almost all raids but some servers might want to set it to medium. High will make every new member go through a verification system, this is annoying and not recommended.

The protection command can also be used to change the protection settings quickly.

Best practice
  • Welcome messages
  • Automatic roles
  • Verification level
  • Leave logs
Welcome messages

Unlike other apps, Maki won't send welcome messages if she detects that someone might be a raider to prevent your chats from flooding. This is why it is recommended to only have Maki welcome new members to your server. You can do this at the welcome tab on your dashboard or by using the welcome command.

Automatic roles

A lot of servers are set up in a way that members can only talk in a channel once they have one of the default roles. Maki won't give any of the default roles to potential threats to your server unless they have been verified as safe. This is why it is recommended to let Maki handle your automatic roles.

Verification level

Big raids can overflow apps due to Discord's rate limits. Luckily enough you can combat this by changing your server's verification level to high in your server's moderation settings. This 10 minute timer gives Maki some time to catch up during big raids. Giving a new member a role will make them bypass this 10 minute timer so using a default role together with the verification level is recommended.

Leave logs

It is good to know that Maki has your back at all times. Maki will send a message in your leave logs to indicate that she found someone a potential threat to your server. This way you can also see Maki in action during or after raids. You can enable leave logs on the dashboard under the logs tab or by using the logs leaves command.