How can I create self assignable roles?

Last updated on 5th May 2022

There are several ways to create self assignable roles in your server. It is a matter of preference on what way you use.

  • reaction roles
  • role shop
  • custom commands
Reaction roles

You can use reaction roles to let your members choose roles of their choice. You can also let members pick one role out of a list of roles by adding multiple reaction roles to one message. More information on how to set up reaction roles can be found in the "How do I create reaction roles?" knowledge base question.

Role shop

Creating a role shop is a very original and engaging way for members to get roles. However, if you don't want your members to grind for credits you can also add roles to the shop for free. This can be done by setting the price of a role to 0 credits. More information on how to add roles to the shop can be found in the knowledge base under "How do I create a role shop?".

Custom commands

Custom commands are a very neat way to handle self assignable role selection. You can make custom commands out of multiple words so getting a role with the name "blue" could be done by adding the custom command "assign blue" if you'd like. The possibilities and customization are very cool for this method. More information on how to add custom commands to your server can be found under the "Custom commands" item in the knowledge base.